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About Us

The Green Cedar Retreat is the perfect blend of the owner Dave’s two passions put together in one. The place was originally bought and used for housing and entertaining fishing guests every summer for the last 7 years with his fishing company WardoWest.

About six years ago with the price of oil dropping and the US dollar strong, we decided to pullout of our alberta outdoorsman tradeshows and focus our energy on a better market down south. Once we looked at this market I suddenly realized that we were also in an area where cannabis was becoming legal in the states of Washington, California, Oregon and Colorado. 

During my trade shows in Colorado I had the pleasure of staying in my first ever bud and breakfast. My stay there was very enlightening, not only giving me the idea of the concept but making me see how eventually through places like this stigma can and will be broken down, it's just a matter of time. 

With the upmost inspiration and motivation from my experience, I was compelled to bring that concept back home and start my very own Bud & Breakfast back in Canada with the original owner's blessing. 

We welcome the global cannabis community to our small humble retreat in breathtaking Tofino, British Columbia.

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