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Join our community!

Do I need a membership?

It is not mandatory for guests to become members, but it is possible if they are cannabis enthusiasts and meet certain requirements. Non-members can book a stay and enjoy a private room with ensuite bathroom and the outdoor areas (like our 24/7 jacuzzi), but with no access to the living room or kitchen in the house.

The Green Cedar Retreat is designed to be a hangout/networking spot for the cannabis community. From day-to-day consumers to industry leaders, this is a place where great minds meet; where you can share your passion and knowledge with like-minded folks.

We want to offer our guests the best setting to relax and enjoy the retreat. To ensure that, certain areas and activities of the retreat are designated for Green Cedar Members only. 

Perks of being a GCR Member

There are many perks of joining the Green Cedar community, including:

- Access to exclusive areas of the retreat (kitchen, living-room and more)

- Information about secret sessions and private dinners;

- Opportunity to join our Extraction Courses;

- First crack at West Fest tickets.

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